Our translation team is human. You’ll be able to speak and email with a team member. Whether you require medical, legal, engineering or general text translation, we provide Quality Translations by Real People. Rebecca Gilbert is the Owner of RJG Translations. She has lived and worked in France, Italy, and Costa Rica with project management experience for Nike, Royal Bank of Scotland, Aetna, and other  multinational companies.

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What Documents Can We Translate?

Bottom line: we can translate all documents. Whether you require translation of highly technical patents or creative marketing text, we can help. Common documents include: Patents, contracts, spec sheets, catalogs, medical consent and research trials, safety and training manuals, annual reports, financial statements, websites, and university courses. To request a price quote, please send your document(s) via email to info@rjgtranslations.com. If you don’t receive a price quote within 1 business day, we have not received your document(s). Please resend and call 412-901-3162 to discuss your project.