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Quality Translations by Real PeopleTM

We use real people, not software, to make sure the nuance of your message reaches your target audience.

Our team of native speakers translate, proofread and edit the translations to ensure accuracy of interpretation.

We translate all types of documents: legal, business, marketing, technical, semi-technical and general text.
We provide certified translations for legal matters.
We offer DTP services and provide print-ready foreign language documents.

Languages we translate:
To request a price quote, please send your document(s) via email to info@rjgtranslations.com. If you don't receive a price quote within 24 hours, it means that we have not received your document(s). Please resend or call 412-901-3162 to discuss your project.
RJG Translations

Phone: +1 412-901-3162

Email: info@rjgtranslations.com

RJG Translations can help you communicate with the world.

Our team of native speakers provides accurate, responsible translations.

Projects we typically translate: Legal, medical, packaging and marketing text.